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Candidate marketing starts with a relevant career page

Today the best talent are not looking for work or companies instead, headhunters are looking for them. This is where the notion of marketing candidate comes from.

And the best way to attract talent is to have a good company showcase, hence a good career page.

VanillaHR offers you a beautiful career with features  you can manage from your user interface.

Add a description of your business, your key figures and other information that you think will be useful. A great career page and a simple application process is the key to enriching your candidate base.

Whether you’re hiring  1 or 1000 new employees, VanillaHR’s Hiring Management System helps you manage all processes.

From built-in passive candidate sourcing to one-click job posting to 200+ sites, VanillaHR helps you meet enough great people to easily choose the best person for the job



Free and Premium Job Boards
Create your job offers and it will be added to multiple job boards automatically.
Advanced Dashboard
Find the most relevant information in one place and manage it.
AI-powered sorting
System will proceed sorting candidates using predetermined filters set by you.
Custom Pipelines
Create your custom hiring process by adding steps and actions for job offers.
Built-In Calendar
Schedule your interviews and manage your time with a specifically built-in calendar.
Team manager
Evaluate candidates with your division team, decision makers or technical managers.
Branded Career Pages
Your career page is ready with one click. Attract candidates and manage directly on the HMS.
AI Powered Interview Analysis
Do your interviews with built-in interviewer and get more data abour candidates. Find more information here.
GDPR, CCPA compliance
Add candidates and source national & international people with updated process according to the laws.

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