Artificial Intelligence and Human Resources

Wherever you turn, you see AI technology. It is everywhere around us, impacting all aspects of our professional and private life. The impact AI technology has on businesses is humongous, and more innovations based on this technology continue to emerge. Majority of businesses are shifting processes and operations towards an AI powered workplace, and HR should be part of this transition as well.

WhyAI is the future of HR

AI is opening some unimaginable opportunities for HR. The amount of data AI can analyze, diagnose and predict is unprecedented. AI-based technology is helping automate low-value tasks so that HR can focus on more important things, and assisting in complex tasks and decision-making processes. It enables HR to streamline all of the processes and manage everyone and everything to run smoothly. It is augmenting human capabilities and making sure that both company and employee goals and needs are meet properly. Without AI you won’t be able to keep up with the evolving environment and workplace.‍

How AI can make HR better

Almost every HR activity can be improved with the use of AI. Starting with the recruitment process can now be shortened and more efficient thanks to recruitment software based on AI technology. Not only do you have a wider talent pool of candidates, but the whole process of screening, selecting and interviewing can be automated.

With the right input and criteria that you set up, AI will pick the best candidates for you, arrange meetings, collect documentation and help you with all other time-consuming and repetitive hiring tasks. It helps speed up the onboarding process by collecting and providing necessary documentation for both parties, briefing new hires with company policies and procedures, answering FAQs. You don’t have to worry about creating new accounts and giving access to your new employees, just leave everything up to AI.

The introduction/implementation of chatbots has taken the workload off of HR no longer having to answer same question over and over again. Now employees can get all of their answers from a chatbot 24/7. PTO requests and shift-swaps can also be done through an AI software. The overall employee experience and satisfaction can be on a whole other different level. Through learning and development programs, employees can now expand their skillset and knowledge and do it at their own speed and learning style. This personalized approach is again enabled by AI solutions. The list of all opportunities HR can have, goes on and on, and it will just become longer. So it is obvious, AI can improve HR in more ways than one.

Benefits for companies

Implementation of AI technology brings company multiple benefits:

  • Speeds up and improves the decision-making process
  • Less stressful
  • Saves time and money
  • Improves employee experience and employee lifecycle
  • Automates low-value tasks
  • Improves retention rates
  • Tailors the learning experience
  • Provides more precise data
  • Enables smooth communication
  • Speeds up the onboarding process, shortening time to productivity
  • Predicts performance
  • Finds best candidates
  • Automates scheduling and interviewing
  • Manages PTO requests and shift-swaps
  • Creates and manages accounts
  • Takes care of all the paperwork
  • Briefs new employees about company procedures and policies
  • Briefs new employees about their team, tasks and responsibilities
  • IDs hidden talent within your company
  • IDs talent likely to leave the company

The list goes on and on and on. Of course, indirect benefits such as higher profits, market share and improved customer experience do come along once you implement AI in your business. There is always a question of return on investment and the budget you have for such things, but investing in AI solutions will way off. You just need to find the one that fits your needs best. Having a solid HR that is by the way boosted with AI technology will make sure you acquire best talent, and help you figure out what motivates them so they don’t leave. And with the right people on board, managed the right way, not even the sky will be a limit.

Benefits for employees

Both the company and employees should benefit from AI, otherwise it has no purpose. Implementing such technologies and solutions can create a more immersive and open workplace. It helps minimize human bias and create a more inclusive environment. The learning and development solutions enable them to have a tailored learning experience based on their learning style and speed. This helps your employees reach their full potential. Providing them with the option to grow and develop, and with such a personalized experience will without a doubt motivate them to stay in your company.

Flexibility in working hours and days and employee free time is another important thing that many value. Now thanks to AI, employees no longer have to talk to HR and go through all the paperwork, they can simply submit a request and AI will manage everything. AI should help and improve employee experience but also make HR’s jobs ways easier and less stressful, a real win-win situation

Data quality and management

Data is power, and there is no human that can collect, analyze, store and predict that much data. Using AI, you will make sure that all of your decisions are informed decision, based on precise real-time data. This way you are sure that you are making the best decision every time. AI can help you manage every data-driven task. You will have the answer you are looking for within moments. It helps you streamline all of your processes and makes sure that everyone is on track. Early detection of errors and other anomalies will give you a heads up, and you will be able to take all necessary actions. With AI, you can be sure that you are planning a more secure future.

AI is evolution of HR management, not a replacement

AI should not be considered as a replacement for HR, but its enhancement. Through use of AI technology human capabilities can be augmented to an incredible degree. AI-based software and technology is just another tool used by HR to make their jobs easier, faster, more precise, efficient, and overall better. AI and HR should go hand in hand and complement each other. AI is somewhat useless without the human touch, and HR can benefit from AI in so many ways. Leveraging on these innovative technologies will open many opportunities for companies and its employees.