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Interviewing candidates has never been this easy. VanillaHR provides video interviewing solutions that help to select best candidates for you.

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Recruiting is a complex job. While talent is the most important ingredient for a sucessful company, the mission of hiring managers is not negligible.

With VanillaHR AI based solution, you can automate interviewing process and save an incredible amount of time. You can also have a report based on micro facial expressions and body language that will make your selection easier.
A simple video interview will turn toa deep analysis

VanillaHR use Artificial Intelligence and facial expression technology in the process of job interviews to find the best candidate. During this procedure, our algorithm proceeds with analysis of the candidate and lets you discover more than a CV.

VHR.AI can analysis :
Communication skills
Social skills
Word spelling
And more...
Making a choice is a simple procedure, when you have enough data.

VanillaHR uses Artificial Intelligence and facial expression technology in the process of job interviews to find the
best candidate.

That process is collecting an important amount of data from a video file then uses it to generate a report about the candidate’s profile. This data is generated in real time during the interview and can not be falsified.
Save Time and Fill Positions Faster

Leverage the power of AI to interview 100s of candidates.

Save time and money, gain in efficiency. Vanilla HR will automate the application, candidate screening and interviewing process so you only have to deal with the candidates who scored well during the interview. But don't worry, you define the selection criteria and there is always the human touch during the process. The main objective of VanillaHR is to bring speed and efficiency during the selection process.

Human first, than everything else.

We know that AI is an important subject in society. We chose to be transparent is every matter of the subject and share our expertise with candidates and enterprises. VanillaHR’s goal is to bring the  world’s most advanced technology to the service of the recruiters and all business owners to find best candidate in reduced time.

We also offer free courses for candidates including how our algorithms works, how to apply to AI based recruitment software and how to find the best job adapted to the situation.

Different uses cases

VanillaHR AI solution is developed to be scaled on other user cases. Micro facial expressions and facial & body analysis can be used in any business that needs more data about people. We will be happy to help you develop and integrate in your business case.

These uses cases can be:
HR: Recruitment of people has never been this easy with Ai based interviewing tools.
Sales: Is a customer ready to buy a product ? Sales people can save time and focus to potential buyers.
Medicine : Health professionals can use for patients in order to determine their diseases.
Security: Facial analysis can predict threats and help security businesses to detect threats.