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VanillaHR is the most comprehensive hiring platform that helps you source, attract, qualify, and interview the right candidates with ease.
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VanillaHR provides an all-in-one hiring platform to source, attract, qualify & interview the best candidates based on your specific hiring needs.
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Artificial Intelligence at the service of Hiring Managers

VanillaHR created a Hiring Platform, an alternative to an ATS in order to manage the entire candidate management & hiring process.

VHR Meet, our video interview solution uses facial and audio analysis of each candidate and interviewer so that hiring managers can select the best person for the job.

Both solutions are powered by AI.


All in one hiring platform.

With VanillaHR, you will source, build your candidate database, screen, interview and hire your next colleagues.

The Hiring Platform can help you with writing job offers to hiring the best candidates. The Platform's scalability and ease of use can help you manage from 1 to 1000 open positions.

Attract the Right Candidates
and Receive Less Irrelevant

4 main problems
1 solution

Move faster on a recruiting platform that can automate manual tasks, like scheduling interviews and getting approvals

Candidate sourcing is the active search for potential hires to fill open positions. Just post your job offer on job boards and build your candidate base.
Sorting & Filtering
When you receive several profiles, it's time to sort. You can automate this task using the sort function and display potential candidates according to your criteria.
Video Interview Analysis
Zoom for Hiring Managers. With Real AI Solutions, VanillaHR Meet is all you need for candidate interviews. See beyond a CV.
Candidate Marketing - Career Page
Your career page showcases your company in the eyes of a candidate. With a modern and attractive design, treat yourself to the best career pages on the web.
For companies :

Are you recruiting for your business? This is the solution for you.

Whether you need one or a thousand new hires, the Hiring Platform can get the job done and gives you the tools you need to collaborate with your entire team.

For agencies :

Are you a recruitment agency? Let's go hire the best talent for your clients.

With Hiring Management System and AI based interviewer, you have all the powerful tools to find candidates, manage all flows and above all analyze beyond what a human can do.

For startups :

You probably have to hire few people, but we know that it has to be the best possible.

That's why VanillaHR gives powerful hiring software to hire the best talent and collaborate with your team.

We would love to hear more about your product ;)

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