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Our Customers results

  • Recruitment time

    - 50%

  • Recruiter Productivity

    + 90%

  • Candidate Engagement

    + 63%

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You need a new superstar for your company ?
It starts here.

VanillaHR provides an all-in-one hiring platform to source, attracts, qualify & interview the best candidates based on your specific hiring needs.

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Unlocking Your Competitive Edge

Integrated Calendar

Our in-app calendar makes it easy to schedule interviews and follow-ups.

Be More Productive

By reducing friction, hiring managers have more time to build relationships.

Trusted security

Our security protocols are always up to date. Your data is safe.

Customized Hiring

Companies have their own way of doing things. Our customization options make that possible with VanillaHR.

Work As A Team

Our application allows for multiple hiring managers to collaborate on the same projects.

User Friendly UX

Our vision is to have an easy and accessible hiring solution for companies of all sizes.

Find the Best IT Jobs

find it talent

    A Valuable tool for recruiters, HR Managers, and Talent acquisitIon professionals that face recruiting issues such as a limited pool of candidates, high demand, high competition, and a hard hiring process.


    AI helps companies to streamline their hiring process, reduce bias, and make data-driven hiring decisions, ultimately leading to better outcomes for both the company and the candidates.

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