December 13, 2022

Top 10 at Holiday Office Party suggestions

It might be time to spice up your office parties- here are some suggestions for your Christmas party that everyone will enjoy. A little something for everyone!

Most people don’t like office parties, but if you make them fun and silly, then people will probably enjoy them more. These are just some suggestions if you are planning an Office Holiday Party and want to spice things up. Don’t forget to keep everything in the Christmas spirit, joyful and selfless!

1. Ugly Sweater Contest

The tackier the better! This Christmas tradition never gets old and you get to find out the unconventional creative side of your employees. To make it easier to decide on the winner, take photos of contestants, print them out and have everyone vote for their favorite. Don’t miss out, start designing your sweater in time!

2. Christmas Karaoke

Not only will you find out who’s “the most creative” but you will also find out other talents amongst your team! You have a pretty long list of holiday hits, so everyone can have a try or two, or simply steal the whole show. You might be surprised what gems your team hides. It’s a fun way to get to know your teammates and it’s all in the holiday spirit.

3. Secret Santa

Secret Santa is probably one of the all-time favorites. Almost everyone likes giving and receiving gifts. If you are not familiar with the rules of the game, they are simple. Everyone gets to draw someone out of a hat whom they will get a gift. It should all be anonymous and best to set a budget for gifts. It is a great way to get to know someone who you weren’t close with before so that you pick them the best gift. If you are not into gift giving, common gifts such as mugs, gift cards, t-shirts are always a no-brainer, so you can’t really miss.

4. Guess who with baby pics

We all have hilarious baby pics, and almost everyone has some funny Christmas photos with Santa, or next to a Christmas tree. It’s fun to look back and guess which colleague of yours is in the pic. Some will be easy to guess, while others will be a real surprise. But either way, it’s a nice way to have a laugh and share some childhood memories with your coworkers.

5. Office holiday Olympics

For those with a competitive spirit, what better than Office Holiday Olympics? There are plenty of games at your disposal, and it will be fun both for contestants, as well as viewers. You can have both team and individual games and almost certainly everyone will have a lot of fun! The goofier games the funnier. It’s all about having fun, teambuilding and loosening up at the end of the year. You all deserve it!

6. Scavenger hunt

The best way to organize a scavenger hunt is to divide your employees into a few groups. All of them get a list of tasks they need to complete, where teamwork will be a priority. You can have them solve all kinds of different problems, riddles, find things- just use your imagination. The fastest team to finish besides being the winning team, should be awarded.

7. Annual awards

The end of the year is always a good time to take some time and appreciate everyone for their efforts. If you want your team to stay motivated, don’t forget to acknowledge their work. You can create different awards, such as “Employee of the year” or “Best team player” or simply use this opportunity to thank everyone for their efforts and give them their bonuses. It’s up to you but never forget to give recognition to your team.

8. Foody fantasy

What’s a party without food? You can ask everyone to bring a dish of their choice. That way, there will be plenty of food for everyone, and also all kinds of different choices. To avoid having the same dish over and over, simply ask everyone what they are planning to bring. Someone can be in charge of drinks or desserts. This way you are taking the workload off of one person, and everyone as a team is stepping in.

9. Bingo

The controversial Bingo- the ongoing love-hate relationship. Almost no one will confess to liking the game, but let’s be honest. Whenever someone gets to win something- they surely do get excited. The budget for your bingo prizes relies on you. You can go as big as gifting vacations, TVs and even money, but also as small as hoodies and t-shirts, gift-cards, free parking and so on.

10. Volunteering

What a better way to give back to the community than to do some volunteering. Unfortunately, there are plenty of organizations that need your help. You can have your whole team step in and help out. The holidays are all about giving and helping others and appreciating all the things we have in life. Volunteering is something you can do throughout the year not just wait for the holidays. What is your pick for the Office Holiday Party? Do you have some fun office traditions? You might be surprised at how much fun these Holiday Parties can be, and how much you can learn about your coworkers. And besides, everyone deserves some fun at the end of the year!

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