Artificial Intelligence & Peopl

AI is all around us, and it has become almost impossible to live without it. We use it on a daily basis for communication and interaction with others, transportation & directions, to even buying something for ourselves and loving ones, however, the lines between AI and real life have become blurred. The way AI technology is helping us is amazing, but there is still a lot of concern about this technology.

How ethical can it be, is there abuse of data, are we losing control? Like any other innovation that disrupts the world as we know it, there is always a fear that it might go in the wrong direction. This technology is no different, it has opened so many opportunities for us, and it is up to us to use them, or abuse them.

AI is here to automate tasks, especially complex tasks

The potential AI has created is enormous. The amount of data we can now collect, store and analyze would have been beyond our wildest imagination just a few decades back. Its capability of automating tasks, especially complex ones, has pawed the way for many breakthroughs throughout industries and sectors. We are doing now what was unimaginable once. Not only has AI enabled us to do these complex tasks but also improved our precision, flexibility and speed and at the same time boosting energy-efficiency, cost-effectiveness and resource-savings.

AI is serving the people

From time-to-time people do lose jobs because some AI technology is implemented, but the same happens with other innovations, they disrupt. At the same time new industries emerge with new job positions. It is an infinite circle of disruption; we might be more aware of it now because we live in a global and connected world. The main objective of AI technology is to help people unlock their full potential. AI is not there to replace us, it is there to make our jobs and lives easier. Companies that are using AI technology are the ones gaining competitive advantage. They have a better decision-making process, and are more agile and flexible in times of threat and crisis. Not to talk about financial performance.

The fear of accepting new technologies is always there. The fear of the unknown, and the unwillingness of letting go of old habits. AI-based technology has a very hard time because of its bad reputation from sci fi movies and novels. People are still hesitant because one day it might turn on us. But we are responsible for our choices and action and if we use this and other technologies in an ethical and moral way, we have nothing to be afraid. AI’s main goal is to augment human capabilities, and improve our world. It is a part of progress.

Many companies are implementing AI technologies in almost every activity and process they can because of its many benefits. It is the leaderships job to communicate the goals and vision to its employees, so that there wouldn’t be fear, and steer the organization through this transition smoothly. We are still somewhat at the beginning, not knowing all the opportunities AI can open. But judging by what innovative technologies based on AI have brough us so far, there will be a lot of disruptions ahead of us, and we will get used to them as we did so far, and we probably won’t want to go back the way things once were.

Our product was developed to assist HR in the recruitment process, giving it the opportunity to automate the activities based on your needs. It makes the HR effort more efficient and faster, serving as an augmentation of HR capabilities, not its replacement. We are helping you gain access to a bigger talent pool and managing your hiring process more efficiently.

All data is collected anonymously

One of the main concerns with AI is the misuse and abuse of data. Data is power now, and it can easily be used in unethical ways of gaining profit. That is why it is of utmost importance to have clear laws and restriction measures to prevent this. All the data that we collect is anonymous, and we protect your privacy. The data collected is for the sole use and purpose of the service we are providing.