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Software Engineer


The role requires designing, developing, and maintaining computer software. Collaborate with other engineers, designers and product managers to understand project requirements and write code using programming languages, frameworks, and tools to build software systems. Work ranges from developing mobile apps and websites to creating complex systems. Engage with users and clients, comprehending their requirements, and actively seek feedback to enhance the software and resolve any issues.


They can design, develop, and maintain software systems effectively, ensuring high-quality and reliable solutions. Software engineers also foster innovation and creativity, adding value to the software product. They collaborate well with teams, communicate effectively, and understand the requirements of various stakeholders. Additionally, they provide ongoing maintenance and support, keeping the software running smoothly. Overall, hiring a software engineer ensures expertise, efficiency, innovation, collaboration, and long-term success in software development.


Typically, a software engineer role requires a bachelor's degree in computer science, software engineering, or a related field. However, alternative educational backgrounds or self-study along with practical experience can also be sufficient for the role of software engineer.


  • 1. Technical Knowledge:

    A tech sales representative should have a strong understanding of the products or services being sold. They should be familiar with the technology, its features, functionalities, and potential applications.

  • 2. Sales and Communication Skills:

    Strong sales and communication skills are essential for a tech sales representative. They should possess excellent interpersonal and presentation abilities to engage with customers, understand their needs, and articulate the benefits of the products or services. Effective negotiation, persuasion, and objection-handling skills are also valuable in closing deals.

  • 3. Customer Focus:

    A tech sales representative should have a customer-centric mindset. They should be able to listen attentively, understand customer requirements, and offer tailored solutions. Putting the customer's needs first and providing exceptional service is crucial for building long-term relationships and customer loyalty.

  • 4. Industry Knowledge:

    Staying updated with industry trends, market dynamics, and the competitive landscape is important for a tech sales representative. They should have a good understanding of the industry they operate in, including emerging technologies, competitors, and customer pain points. This knowledge enables them to position the products or services effectively and provide valuable insights to customers.

  • 5. Problem-Solving Skills:

    Tech sales representatives often encounter customer challenges or objections. Having strong problem-solving skills allows them to analyze situations, identify creative solutions, and address customer concerns.

  • 6. Team Collaboration:

    Collaboration with internal teams, such as product managers, engineers, and marketing, is important for a tech sales representative. They should be able to work effectively with cross-functional teams, providing feedback, sharing customer insights, and collaborating on sales strategies.


  • Can you describe the process you follow for optimizing the performance of a web application?
  • Can you explain the difference between HTTP and HTTPS? Why is HTTPS important for web security?
  • What programming languages and frameworks are you proficient in for web development?
  • What programming languages are you proficient in for web development?
  • Tell us about projects you’ve worked on.
  • How do you manage to meet deadlines while working on multiple projects?
  • Can you explain how you ensure web security?
  • Describe your approach to debugging and troubleshooting when faced with challenges in web development.
  • Can you provide an example of a time when you optimized a website for improved performance and speed?
  • Can you describe a web development project where you had to collaborate closely with designers, clients, or other team members?

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