September 2, 2022

Best Interview Tips & How can AI help

The job interview format that we have today was born in 1921 by Thomas Edison when he created a written test to evaluate the job candidates' knowledge.

Although the job interviews have the same objectives to test the applicants’ knowledge and skills, it has evolved a lot to include various technologies and methods. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, companies around the world had to invest in a new way of interviewing their candidates and there happened the rise of new technological tools, or more specifically: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.

In a few words, an AI-powered interview software promises to help employers shift through the applications to find the best people for the position, by analyzing key factors of potential candidates, including psychological and technical aspects, and providing insights to help to hire managers to make more informed decisions.

And if you’re invited to take an AI-powered video interview, you may feel a bit nervous but do not let the stress get to you. Here are the best tips to get prepared for it and how can AI help:

1. An appropriate background                

Due to the pandemic, online job interviews have become more popular and many companies, therefore if this is your case, make sure sure the environment around you is suitable for a professional contact such as a job interview.

Your interview background is important to AI-interview software, which scans the elements in your space to come to certain conclusions about you. Through the camera, AI software can “read” what the items say about you as a candidate.

2. The Body language and the dressing code

The AI software can analyze not only the environment around you but also the content of what you say, body language, and posture, drawing conclusions from visual ideas. So it's important to use gestures, smile, and nod frequently.

3. Keywords

As for old fashion interviews, it's important to do the homework and learn about the company, and the role you are applying for to be confident about the job opportunity. However, for an AI-powered interview, it becomes crucial for the candidate to use a determined vocal tone, keywords, and phrases that match the company’s job description. So when you understand what the company and the role are exactly about and what are their expectations for the candidate, you can use the right keywords, intonation, and ideas that artificial intelligence will pick up.

4. Practice

Take some time to do practice runs. Yes, it may sound a bit strange but playing back the recording can help you to understand what can be improved. You can understand whether your background is presentable, your posture is confident and your speech consistent.

As companies are recognizing the benefits of AI, and how it can be utilized to not only speed up the recruiting process but also bring a high volume of quality candidates, it's no shock that AI Software is fastly increasing in recruitment over the last few years. 

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