August 19, 2022

Candidates Management: Why does it matter?

Candidate Management is a recruitment strategy that gives recruiters the ability to build relationships with active and passive job seekers, develop a diverse talent pool, and improve hiring decisions.

In few words, Candidate Management is a recruitment strategy that refers to building and maintaining relationships with active and passive job seekers that gives recruiters the ability to develop a diverse pool of talent and improves hiring decisions

Having a well-designed Candidate management strategy helps you create a better candidate experience so that you don’t lose out on talent, and in turn, it will support the organization’s employer brand and the talent acquisition strategy.

Here are a few ways to improve Candidate Management:

  • Open communication and feedback about the process;
  • Streamline applications - Make it simple and efficient for everybody - Few main questions to eliminate the not-so-good match;
  • Building relationships beyond the process - Maybe isn't the perfect candidate for the open position but it may be another role- reach out to them when you have an opportunity.
  • Automation autonomy: VanillaHR hiring platform allows you to optimize and automate the hiring process by emailing candidates to update them about HR decisions and the next steps - Avoiding any lack of updates and frustrating the Candidates.

How is your Candidate Management strategy? Share with us!

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