August 23, 2022

Hiring start-ups: the 5 key roles you should hire first

As we know every role plays an essential role in every company, however, start-ups face higher structural and financial risks when it comes to opening positions and finding the right people for the team. Therefore we will guide you with the 5 key roles you should hire first in your early-stage company.

Let's start by remembering that the key positions and roles a startup need definitely depend on the type of business but here we will name the indispensable ones:

  • Chief technology officer (CTO): The CTO is responsible for specializing in technology and development crucial to your business’s success. This team member will develop strategies to increase revenue and performs a cost-benefit analysis and return-on-investment analysis.
  • Product manager: The product manager is responsible for identifying the customer needs and ensuring that the product is made as efficiently as possible to reach the company’s goals. They are the ones who listen to the users/clients and find out what they are looking for in terms of features and solutions. This team member manages the product strategy, vision, and development
  • Sales manager: The Sales Manager is responsible for driving revenue. They're generating leads, closing deals, and doing whatever it takes to help the startup grow.
  • Marketing Manager: The Marketing Manager is responsible for helping you to build and establish the brand, and making your product/service the first option to your clients-target. However, please keep in mind that inside the marketing area there are hundreds of roles and levels, and for this early business moment the best option would find a Marketer wearing multiple hats, and is experienced in most areas of marketing to support all the main crucial tasks that needs to be done.
  • Customer service representative: Customer service is a critical task every business should master. Building positive relationships with your customers and clients is the cornerstone of your brand.

How to find them?

There are two methods, I would suggest in this crucial moment:

First: By word of mouth and personal recommendations. It's a good old method that can bring good results but it may take some time to happen.

Second: With VanillaHR. Our secure, cloud-based hiring management software makes it easy to source, interview, and hire the best candidates every time. Plus, we have a special program for start ups! Check it out here:

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