September 01, 2022

5 killer Recruitment Strategies

In life, there is no such Absolute truth, but when it comes to the question of hiring the wrong candidate to the team, the one truth is EVERY RECRUITER HAS DONE IT AT LEAST ONCE. Because the fact is there’s no set of rules to follow, no algorithm that holds the secret to choosing the perfect candidate so everyone is liable to go wrong when hiring.

To attract top talents for your company, it must stand out with a creative approach, strategies, and commitment. The future employees need to be just as happy and engaged with the product as your future customers. It is knowing that we decided to help you with 6 recruitment strategies for YOU that are hiring your first employees, or for YOU that are just starting your recruiting role, and even for YOU that want to ensure your recruitment methods. We see you! Starting from the begging, recruiting strategies is an action plan to source and attract the best possible candidates for the open roles at the company. We will mention some of them here but you should adapt your recruitment approach to the company’s needs.

1. Treat Your Candidates more like your clients

As just said, a few lines ago, it is essential to care for your candidates just as you do for your customers. Your company's first impressions will affect right away their decisions to apply and move on with their application. How to do it? PRETTY SIMPLE. • Be respectful with their pronouns and names; • Be open and available for the candidate's Q&A; • Provide feedback and decent and updated communication channels and times

2. Work on an Employee referral program

An employee referral program is considered one of the most productive recruiting strategies out there. In a few words, the Employee referral program is about encouraging current employees, through rewards, to recommend candidates of their network for the company's open position. Typically, referred candidates are more qualified, cheaper, and faster to hire and stay at their jobs longer than traditional hires.

3. In the right place at the right time with the right ad

Find out where your niche is and announce it there. Just as simple as that. Niche job boards are job boards specializing in a particular field and skillset. Good examples are AngelList to startups; Stack Over Flow to developers; Sales Jobs to sales and etc. They have less traffic than bigger websites such as Indeed, Glassdoor, or LinkedIn and you may find more candidates from the same industry as you that fit the skills and company culture. Plus, don't forget the basics: To write an attention-grabbing ad job description. • With a precise title; • Concise, relevant, and honest about company and role information; • Transparent about salary and requirements

4. Now new news for anyone, but social media is still one of the best ways to attract and engage potential employers nowadays.

And according to this : • 79% of job seekers have used social media in their job search in 2021; • 40 million people search LinkedIn for jobs every week; • Half of all UK office workers can contribute social media to the success of finding their last job • Millennial job seekers are the most active age group on social media with 85% incorporating social into their job search. So there is no way you can ignore the impact of social media on your recruiting process.

Last but not least, our dear friend DATA. Hiring top talent requires information and analytics exercises to support measuring candidates' success over time.

The work is structured on selecting decisive metrics based on important hiring decisions, analyzing the best results, and selecting the best candidates. It's definitely the best method to increase the quality of hire.However, with the variety of platforms and the applications sent from them daily, this job becomes a mission to generate good results, costing too much of your time and resources.If this is your case, we are happy to help!Vanilla HR provides an HSM that utilizes advanced sorting and filtering criteria powered by AI technology and delivers an engaging candidate experience with ease.

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