September 4, 2022

High demands for jobs in 2022 & Talent Shortage

For one year now the number of job openings in the U.S has increased and there have been many changes in the workforce and also in the employee jobs expectations, that we will talk about in a few posts ahead (stay tuned :) ) But today we are bringing up the most in-demand jobs right now and ironically the talent shortage in them.

The Manpower Group survey spoke with 40.000 employers across 40 countries and territories and shared insights into the market. Below are the 5 fields in high demand globally, according to this survey: • IT and data • Sales and marketing • Operations and logistics • Manufacturing and production • Customer-facing and front office

However, still, according to the Manpower group report, there is a global talent shortage reaching a 16-YEAR-HIGH as 3 IN 4 EMPLOYERS report difficulty finding the talent they need. In other words, 75% of the companies have reported talent shortages and the issues they are facing attracting talents. The industries most affected by it are Education, Health and Government, IT & Technology, and Manufacturing. This situation is forcing companies to reconsider their hiring processes, with streamlined and effective application and interview processes.

Share with us: Is your hiring process pleasant and motivating or annoying and demotivating?

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