September 07, 2022

Hiring Remote Employees

It’s a proven fact the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic have affected the entire world for the two past years, not just our personal lives, making it difficult to interact with our loved ones but also affected the economy and the businesses models, dictating the new trends for work all over the globe.

According to McKinsey in 2020, “The virus has broken through cultural and technological barriers that prevented remote work in the past, setting in motion a structural shift in where work takes place, at least for some people.”

And this business model transition is not exclusive to any particular industry or position, the remote work is here to stay. And playing a crucial role in every business, the HR was quickly forced to transform and adapt to the new normal and follow the latest direction toward the remote work.

Vanilla HR was a result this transformation. It was launched as a solution to help companies to keep on top of their recruiting processes. With advanced AI tools, Vanilla was designed to offer the best experience when hiring remote employees in each of its stages.

What leads us to talk about one of the most important recruiting stages:

‍The interview

Even though there are many benefits from the digital recruitment processes and the use of artificial intelligence, able of attracting the most suitable candidates for each vacancy, the interview is still considered one of the highlights stages when choosing new employees for companies. An interview is a formal and detail-oriented conversation between a recruiter and the candidate with the purpose of exchanging information and identifying potential employees who align with the company's culture and goals. But not only: • An interview supports verifying the precision of the provided facts and data by the candidate on their resume; • With a structured talk, it is possible to not only assess a candidate's skills but also check their suitability for the job; • Through the interview process, the recruiter gets to know better about the candidate's skills and abilities need to be trained according to their job role; • The selection of the ideal candidate should be taken as a fundamental part of the hiring process, at the end of the day, it is the moment to get rid of doubts, check all information, and feel if there is a connection between the professional and the company. • To fulfill this role, this step needs to be well planned and structured so that HR can make as much progress and impressions as possible. And help to support the business more effectively.

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