December 02, 2022

Understanding generations and providing them better recruitment experience through tech

There's been a generational shift in the workforce. Create a fast, flexible and positive experience for new candidates using AI-based recruitment software.

Using innovative tools and software in your recruitment process should be a no-brainer. Relying on outdated methods and traditional recruitment practices is inefficient in the modern-day HR world. If you are not UpToDate with current trends, you will end up missing out on a lot of talented candidates plus you will end up in ton of paperwork and unnecessary workload.

Generational shift

Whether you are a seasoned recruiter or a newbie the end-goal is the same- find the best candidates to fill in the position. Talent search and acquisition has become fierce in the last decade. The shift in generations and their differences in work habits is something to think about when you are recruiting. Baby Boomers are the “traditional” types, working 9-5, usually in not many organizations throughout their whole career. As the generations change, we can see an obvious shift in their relationship with the employer, risk aversion, values and priorities. Gen X and Millennials are making up around 70% of the workforce these days. That means that your recruitment strategies should be tailored to them. Unlike Baby Boomers, these new generations are more flexible, competitive and independent. They grew up surrounded with technology, and these technological breakthroughs shaped their habits and standards. They want more freedom and a better work-life balance which technology provides them. Same goes for the recruitment process.

Technology creates flexibility and provides speed

You must use innovative tools and software in your hiring strategy not just to make your work efficient and easier, but to create a better experience for your candidates from the start. These new generations don’t have time to waste and neither do you. We live in an ultra-fast world, and if you can’t keep up with it, you are out. And tech enables you to be up to speed. The fastest way to search through the expanding talent pool and attract new generations of candidates is by using AI powered recruitment software. This might sound as yet another complex tool, but it simplifies the whole process, makes it faster, automates repetitive tasks, and guarantees finding best candidates for the job. On the other hand, it provides applicants the convenience and flexibility they are so much looking for and creates a positive experience for them, making you a more attractive employer. Gen Z is already becoming part of the workforce, and they are all about tech.


Filling in a position is more complex than finding a candidate that is qualified for the job. Besides satisfying obvious requirements for the job in terms of qualification and experience, more companies as well as candidates are trying to find the best fit for themselves in terms of values, goals and characteristics. Traditional recruitment strategies fall short here. Again, using recruitment tools powered by AI will help you get all pieces in place, enabling you to hire the best candidate, and smoothen the onboarding process. This perfect match will increase the chances of the new hire staying in your company and forming a relationship to it. Technology enables you as a recruiter to boost the experience of your candidates, make your company more appealing and helps you become the best matchmaker of an employee and the company. Long-term this perfect match increases retention rates, saves money on recruitment and onboarding, increases profits and provides employees a better work-life balance. You are at the right place because VanillaHR has just the app for you that will help you in your recruitment process!

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