Frequently Asked
What is an Applicant Tracking System ?
Applicant tracking system, or ATS, is a recruitment software based on AI technology that automates, speeds up and streamlines the hiring process helping your HR become more efficient.
What does ATS stand for ?
ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System, an AI-based recruitment tool that helps HR manage the hiring process more efficient.
How does an applicant system work ?
Once you’ve created your account and updated your company information, you can create a job offer with all necessary details. Define your job opening with a proper job description and add criteria and keywords to help you narrow the search for candidates. Once you’ve set up everything, you can post it on your career page, job boards and other social medias. The applicant tracking system collects, screens and scores applications and finds the best match for your job opening. You get a list of ranked candidates based on your job requirements. You can then schedule and organize meeting and interviews with potential candidates. It is a hiring software that automates time-consuming administrative HR tasks and help you find the candidate that fits your requirements best.
Does an applicant tracking system automate your whole hiring process ?
The applicant tracking system automates most of your hiring process. Based on your needs, you can choose which parts of your hiring process need to be automated. The applicant tracking system’s purpose is to make your HR activities more efficient, taking off the workload of time-consuming and repetitive tasks, and enabling your HR team to focus on more important things.
What’s the purpose of an applicant tracking system ?
The purpose of anApplicant Tracking System is to make your recruitment process more efficient. It automates, speeds up and streamlines the recruitment process, taking the workload off of your HR team. It also helps you in talent acquisition enabling you to analyze large quantities of data, and find the best candidate for a job opening.
How does an applicant tracking system make your recruitment process more efficient ?
Automating most of your hiring process, it enables you to collect, store and analyze significantly more job applications, find the best candidate for a job opening and schedule and organize job interviews. It automates time-consuming, and repetitive HR tasks and improves the decision-making process.
Is ATS a recruitment tool ?
Yes, applicant tracking system is a recruitment or hiring software, that enables you to find candidates faster and speed up the hiring process.
Why do you need an applicant tracking system ?
The applicant tracking system is a great recruitment solution for any business small or big.It helps you in talent acquisition, enables you to collect and analyze large quantities of job applications, streamlines the hiring process and takes the workload off of your HR team. It is an investment that pays off after using it to fill in just a few job openings.
What are the benefits of an applicant tracking system ?
It is a cost-effective hiring software that speeds up and makes your hiring process more efficient. It enables you to collect, store and analyze significantly more job applications within a fraction of a time that would take an HR professional.It helps you in your decision-making process, providing you with the best applicant for your job position. It eliminates bottlenecks in the hiring process and enables you to organize meeting and schedule interviews.
How much does an applicant tracking system (ATS) cost ?
The cost of an ATS system can be a couple of USD to thousands of USD per month. The cost will depend of your organization size and number of people that you’re hiring. The cost ofVanillaHR starts of 39 USD per month.
Can I cancel my subscription ?
Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime from your account.
How long does it take to register and create an account ?
It takes less only 30 seconds to create an account on VanillaHR. After creating your account, you can enter your company details and your job offers to publish your first job. This process will take approximately 5 minutes.
What kind of payments are accepted ?
We use Stripe as payment gateway and we accept most of credit cards on the market.
How do you protect client data ?
We are extremely prudent about our customer’s data. All your data is secured by word’s largest cloud providersand you will have only entity who can access to your information.
How to choose an applicant tracking system ?
There is no one size fits all solution. Take into consideration what your specific recruitment needs are, your business size, industry you are in and budget you have before you make a decision. There are plenty of applicant tracking systems out there. VaniilaHR offers you an intuitive and easy-to-use solution with a user-friendly interface, that is easily scalable and will automate most of your recruitment process at a great price! VanillaHR propose a ready-to-go package starting from 39 USD, also providing a custom solution for large companies.
What is a CV ?
CV or CurriculumVitae is a detailed document that describes the whole course of your career. It is usually longer than a few pages and it describes in full detail your accomplishments.It is usually used for academic purposes, and academic placement. The layout isa bit different than of a resume and it contains more information about your education, professional career, publications, honors and other achievements.
What is a Resume ?
Resume is a document containing all important info and key facts about your education, experience, skills and background, used for finding a job.
What is the difference between a CV and a Resume ?
If you are inEurope or New Zealand, CV and a Resume are basically the same thing, but in theStates these two documents have a different purpose. A Resume is a document you use when you want to apply for a job, and it is usually 1-to-2 pages long, document containing all important info and key facts about your education, experience, skills and background. On the other hand, a CV is a longer document, used for academic purposes, and is more detailed, describing the whole course of your career, describing in full detail your accomplishments.
How to adjust your resume/CV to an applicant tracking systems ?
You might be wondering why you aren’t getting any job offers even though your resume is impeccable. The ATS works by scanning your resume and determining to what extend does it match to pre-defined criteria and key words. In other words, if administrative skills are listed in the job description, and you’ve listed working as a clerk, you might not be a match. So before submitting your application, take a few moments to go through the job description and see if you need to adjust your resume. Some applicant tracking systems don’t recognize images, abbreviations, symbols, some more creative bullet points as well as headers and footers. So, keep it simple and neat, and be specific.  
Why are keywords in a job description important in an applicant tracking system ?
By setting keywords, you will narrow your search for candidates, and get more precise matches.
How to improve your resume to get more job offers ?
First of all, read the job description carefully, and use the same wording. Secondly, make sure that your resume is neat. You don’t want to confuse the AI by being too creative and adding pictures, symbols and charts. Keep it simple and specific.Double check for typos and avoid abbreviations.
What is a Career Page ?
A Career Page isa section of a websites that offers information about the company, and available job positions. It can have multiple sections but these are the main two. The main goal of a Career page is to boost Employer Brand, attract talent, and enable candidates to apply for the job directly on your website. You can link yourCareer Page to your ATS, so that applications go directly to your ATS. VanillaHR lets you promote your company as well as list job openings, and it is created by default in our ATS once you create your profile.
Is a career page same asa career site ?
Yes, a career site and a career page are the same thing with the same purpose of improving your Employer Brand and attracting candidates.
Why should you have a career page ?
Helps you build your Employer Brand and improve your candidate marketing strategy. It is the main source of finding candidates and doesn’t acquire any additional publicity.Your Career Page should include all necessary information about the company, including your values, culture, mission and vision and it can also include employee stories. This will create a better image of your company for potential job seekers. The other important part of the Career Page, is the job opening section where you list all of your job openings, and where candidates can apply directly on your website. Since it is linked to ATS, all applications go directly to the applicant tracking system, and you get an automated process, from the very beginning. All you need to do is create your account on VanillaHR, and your career page link is generated. All changes of your VanillaHR account and your job offers are automatically updated on your career page.  
Can you link your career page to an applicant tracking system ?
A career page should be linked to an applicant tracking system to get the most out of it.This way you are automating the whole process of creating and editing job offers, collecting applications, scoring and selection of candidates and scheduling interviews. VanillaHR creates automatically a career page link once you’ve created your profile and set your job offers, assisting you even more in talent acquisition and improvement of your Employer Brand.
Can you directly apply for a job through a career page ?
Some career pages enable you to apply for the job opening directly through the website, while others only provide you with company information. To get the most out of your career page, include the section with your job offers, and to get even more, create an account on VanillaHR, that will link your carer page to our ATS.
What to include in your career page ?
First of all, your career page should include all important details about your company including your mission, vision, culture and goals. You can also include your employee stories to describe what’s it like to work in your company. This is the section that creates your image, and should improve your Employer Brand.The other important part of a career page is the job opening section, where you list your job opportunities in your company. You can also incorporate apply now feature, where candidates can directly apply for a job opening. To get the most out of your career page, create an account at VanillaHR, and we will automate your hiring process.
Is a career page customizable ?
Yes, it is. You can include all the information you want to include and always go back and edit it and/or make improvements and changes.
What is an Employer Brand ?
Employer Brandis the image the company/brand or organization has created. It is the way people outside the company perceive you in the role of an employer.
What is Employee Experience ?
Employee experience is the experience of an employee that includes all the touch points of their employee journey within your company. It is an employee’s perception of you as an employer and what it’s like working in your company, all the ups and downs.
What is the difference between Employee Experience and Employer Brand ?
EmployeeExperience and Employer Brand represent somewhat different sides of the same coin. Employer Brand is the external image, how people outside your company perceive you, whereas Employee Experience is your employee’s perception of the company, what’s it like for someone to work there, and includes the whole lifecycle of an employee.
What is a job description ?
A job description is a statement that clearly implies all the requirements of a job position.Besides skills, duties and responsibilities of a job, it helps manage expectations in terms of career development opportunities. It helps in the recruitment process and talent acquisition.
What is AI ?
ArtificialIntelligence is the ability of machines to perform in a similar manner to intelligent beings, completing tasks, making decisions etc. It is the intelligence demonstrated mostly by computer systems and computer-controlled robots.  
What is the difference between AI, machine learning and deep learning ?
Machine learning and deep learning are subdivisions of AI, or different types of AI. Machine learning is a type of AI technology that can easily adapt and learn on its own, without human interference and assistance, whereas deep learning is a subset of machine learning that simulates the learning process of a human brain.
What are the advantages of AI for your business ?
- Saves time and money
- Makes processes more efficient
- Enables businesses to perform complex tasks
- Helps in the decision-making process
- Minimizes human error and human bias
- Improves competitive advantages
- Minimizes bottlenecks in processes
What are the concerns of using AI technology ?
·      Will we lose our capabilities by relying too much on AI? Every innovation has its ups and downs- one way it makes our lives easier, on theother hand we give up trying to complete certain tasks on our own. A simple example: as hunter gatherers we used to live off of food we’ve gathered while now all we need to do is go to the grocery store and swipe our credit card.
·       Will we lose free will ? Similar to theprevious concern. AI helps from simple decisions your shopping list, what routeto take to avoid traffic, to complex calculations and predictions. It is up to youto use AI how much it suits your needs.
‍·       Can someone abuse and misuse data?
Data protection is one of the highest priorities of all companies and legislative bodies.It is constantly being monitored to minimize the risk of breach.
‍·       Will AI turn on us?
That is always a popular sci fi plot. Every innovative technology brings a lot of uncertainty and risk, it is up to us to use all of its potential in the most ethical and moral way.
How does AI make HR more efficient ?
·      Speeds up and improves the decision-making process
·      Less stressful
·      Saves time and money
·      Improves employee experience and employee lifecycle
·      Automates low-value tasks
·      Improves retention rates
·      Tailors the learning experience
·      Provides more precise data
·      Enables smooth communication
·      Speeds up the onboarding process, shortening time to productivity
·      Predicts performance
·      Finds best candidates
·      Automates scheduling andinterviewing
·      Manages PTO requests andshift-swaps
·      Creates and manages accounts
·      Takes care of all the paperwork
·      Briefs new employees about company procedures and policies
·      Briefs new employees about their team, tasks and responsibilities
·      IDs hidden talent within your company
·      IDs talent likely to leave the company…
Does the use of AI technology eliminate people from HR activities ?
No, it makes your HR more efficient. AI technology used in HR activities still need human touch, and they just serve as enhancement of HR capabilities.
What HR activities can be enhanced by AI ?
You can enhance almost any HR activity with the use of AI technology. The ATS based on AI helps you in talent acquisition and makes improves your recruitment process. AI assists you in the onboarding process by gathering all necessary paperwork, creating new accounts, briefing about company policies and procedures. You canuse chatbots to answer all questions of your new hires, but also to improve your existing employees’ experience by answering their questions 24/7. ThroughAI solutions you can automate PTO requests and shift-changes. You can easily schedule interviews and meetings, manage payroll better, the list just goes on and on.
How can AI make your recruitment strategy better ?
With the use ofAI-based recruitment tools you can be more cost-effective and efficient in your talent acquisition. Not only will you be able to collect and analyze more job applications, but you will also get the best match for your job opening. It also helps you in scheduling meetings and interviews, and boost the employe experience by eliminating unnecessary steps and procedures.
How does AI boost employee experience ?
AI technology is meant to help both the HR and management, and employees. It helps create a smooth flow and improves the workspace by eliminating all stressful, time-consuming and repetitive tasks and enabling employees to focus on more productive things. It helps them balance their professional and private lives better by providing them more flexibility in organizing shifts and PTO. By using chatbots, you provide your employees with answers 24/7. AI helps boost equal opportunity and offers tailored learning and development experiences.
What is the importance of a smooth onboarding process ?
The smoother the onboarding process, the faster your new employees will become productive. A good onboarding process boosts employee experience and can have a positive impact on your retention rates.
How can AI speed up your onboarding process ?
It can automate tasks such as providing necessary documentation for and from the new hire, create all necessary accounts and clearance and brief about company policies and procedures. Chatbots in the onboarding process provide your new employees all additional information they might need. AI solutions can help you in the training process and provide all information about additional job requirements, teams and responsibilities.
How can AI technology help you in talent acquisition ?
When you use AI technology in your talent acquisition process, you have the opportunity to address a much larger talent pool. AI can go through and rank unimaginably more job applications than any HR professional could at a fraction of the time and cost. It is a faster and more convenient way of acquiring talent, and retaining it as well. AI solutions can help you ID hidden talent within your teams, and also ID ones that are in risk of leaving you. You will improve your talent acquisition strategy by implementing AI software.