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Recruiting the right talent is at the heart of a startup's success and growth. That's why we offer VanillaHR ATS to the early-stage startups for free for up to a year when you join our Startup Program, along with other benefits.

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Asked Questions
What is VanillaHR Startup Program?
TheStartup Program by VanillaHR is a time-limited partnership program designed for startups. Effortlessly power up your business by hiring right talents by using VanillaHR ATS for free up to one year. We provide you Starter package and custom support to manage your hiring process.
Who can apply to the VanillaHR Startup Program?
Any startup is invited to apply, regardless of its size. The VanillaHR Starter Program means more than just a financial boost for you. We need startups who want to change the world and who need powerful tools in terms of managing the hiring process. Our division reviews applications monthly, so it's never too late to apply as this is an ongoing service.
How long does the VanillaHR Startup Program last?
The duration of the program is planned exactly 6 or 12 months after your invitation, depending on your stage.
How can I get the most out of VanillaHR Startup program?
The value of the program goes beyond just finances, though up to $828 in cloud credit should help with your hiring processes. We will also help you develop your base and give the best tools in advice to build a talented team.
How can I get more information before registering?
You will find our contact details on this site. Contact us by email at and someone from our team will assist you.