September 06, 2022

Salespeople hunt: Steps to hire your next salespeople

Hiring an exceptional salesperson is a tricky process. It takes time and the right questions. Then let's go to the next important point: How to hire ?

Let us start this reading by saying that it can be hard to hire the right salesperson in general. Why? Because sales are different from other professions, from their daily routine to productivity evaluation metrics. In other professions, for example, it is easier to measure their performance and work methods, but in sales, it can be hard to once it's fluid daily operations - this can vary from each professional and their technique. The first main question is: Why does my company need to hire a salesperson? • Represent your brand in a professional manner that results in a positive customer experience • Identify positive lead opportunities and the potential for upsells • Connect with customers to understand their needs and resolve any issues Did you relate to these answers? YES? Then let's go to the next important point:

First: Set a standard for your vacancy

In other words, set terms for both your minimum and preferred qualifications for the position. When hiring salespeople, you may have to wade through an ocean of applications and resumes, so it’s essential to know what you’re looking for.

Second: Write an impeccable job ad

By that, I mean to write an honest and clear job ad, use keywords that are important for the positions to suit your target candidates, something like “B2B”, “Remote” or “entry-level”. Also, ensure to picture realistic job requirements with an ideal background, the hard skills required, years of experience, etc. Plus the tasks and responsibilities to be carried out by this new position day to day on the sales team. And at last but not least, add a company summary with engaging copy.

Third: Match with the right candidates

You will receive tons of applications and resumes at this stage, but what should you look for? What skills and experience should you consider relevant? According to a Harvard study: the evaluation of Company culture fit is the less you should worry about.

Here are the main skills you should look at: • Excellent problem-solving skills • Ability to work independently, while contributing to the team-wide efforts • Have a strong Emotional intelligence • Effective communication and active listening • Strong sense of ethics However, this is the moment that most people either get lost or overwhelmed and lose a good amount of good candidates. As mentioned above, after posting the job ad you will receive tons of resumes, and you won´t be able to read and evaluate the qualifications related to your or company's requirements. How long would it take? How demotivating is it? Be honest… Cependant, However, VanillaHR is here and we got your back. Our hiring platform will assist you in collecting the most matchable candidates based on the skills and qualifications previously defined by you or the HR department saving you time for the next steps.


The more significant part of a recruiting salesperson is the interview. Hands down. The questions and the analytical work that has to be done on top of the process of selecting the right candidates for the next final phases are essential. But don't stress! We thought about it and worked on it too. We happily introduce you to the AI interviewer, the technology to make the interview process easier, automated, and accurate. This tool will create a report based on micro facial expressions and body language while the meeting is being conducted. Then all you have to do from here is select the reports that look more promising and select the final candidates for a 1-to-1 personal interview.

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